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PRES ASSEMBLY INDUSTRY CO.LLC was founded in 1972 by Mr. Ismail Hakkı Akoglu, same owner of Akoglu Automotive Inc. and started its activities with stamp production in a small workshop.It has become an organization that sends parts to all parts of the world with its innovative and healthy growth plans.
AKOĞLU, with the pride of being a strong and reliable sub-industry, in the light of its experience, serves its customers with high quality, just in time and competitive prices. TOYOTA, TOYOTETSU, HONDA, SANGO AND AISIN companies mainly; weekly 850,000 pieces and over 430 references of painted, welded and assembled products are shipped to customers.



With 45 years of experience in our company, work as a main supplier to the automotive industry in the design and production of molds, painted, assembled parts and shaped sheet parts.
To be a part of the solution in all activities,
Continuous improvement in quality,
Achieving success with team spirit,
Being open to innovations,
To follow the sector and technological developments closely,
Respect for people first is our basic principles.



To be among the top 3 companies in the production of shaped steel parts by 2021 in the evaluation of the main domestic industry.
Up to 2025 to modernize all production lines to produce with progressive mold and to become a global company



Sürekli iyileştirmeler yaparak parça fiyatlarını düşürmek.
Çevre ve çalışma şartlarını iyileştirerek mutlu çalışma ortamı sağlamak.
Malzeme, doğal kaynaklar ve enerji kullanımını optimize etmek.
Kalıp yapım ve teslimat sürelerini kısaltmak.
Yan sanayiler ile güçlü bir yapı kurmak ve onlarla birlikte gelişmek.
Tam zamanında ve kaliteli ürün üretmek


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